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Prices and booking

The booking request will be done vía phone (+34 607 220 753) or using the booking form placed in the website or sending an email to info@alquilerenbaqueira.com.

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Booking information

The reservation must indicate:

  • Name and surname.
  • ID or passport.
  • Number of people.
  • Date of entry and exit.
  • Estimated time of arrival



We’ll inmediately contact you and provide a bank account number in order to make a transffer which will be the 20% of the total booking amount. The booking will not be confirmed until the payment has not been checked and validated.

Once done the booking request and obtained the contact form, the maximum period of time for the payment will be 3 working days*. After this period, the property will be able to be rented by any other person.

* This time could change in case of the booking was made in a short time in advance and the property is free. However, the booking will be always formalized and confirmed once the 20% of the total amount has been paid, checked and validated.

Booking request

    More information

    • Upon arrival, the customer must pay the remaining 80% and the amount of laundry and cleaning if necessary (for rentals shorters than the established times, cleaning is not included and is payable).
    • For key collecting and reception, there will be a person that will receive the customer at the agreed location (Gondola Square, Street Perimetrau, Urbanization Val de Ruda, Baqueira). After making the cash payment of the outstanding, including the stipulated deposit, the keys will be given and the customer will be accompanied to the apartment. Once in the flat, the customer will be explained of the basic operation of the house (heating, sofa beds, etc). The flat provides operating manuals for all appliances. COMPLETELY FORBIDDEN TO MANIPULATE THE BOILER. There is a thermostat in the entrance hall that can be controlled by the customer to regulate the house’s temperature. If there is any problem, there is maintenance personnel to be contanted.
    • Once obtained the full payment and deposit, the renting contract will be formalized. The customer will show its ID or passport to prove it is the person who made the booking.
    • At the time of the arrival and key given, the customer will pay the deposit amount set in 200€. The deposit will be given back once the apartment good state has been checked.
    • 2 key sets will be given to the customer. The customer will lose the total deposit amount if any of the keys are lost or not given back as the flat door lockers would have to be changed.

    In case of cancellation, the 20% of the deposit given to process the booking will not be given back.

    Only if the customer cancels the booking 30 days in advance or more and the booking has been covered by another customer, the 20% deposit could be given back to the customer discounting some management costs (bank taxes, etc…).

    All cancellations or modifications HAVE TO be done vía e-mail. No cancellations or modifications are acepted by phone.

    • It’s necessary to announce the time of the customer’s arrival, as late, the day before. The customer can do it when booking or e-mailing back to the booking confirmation e-mail.
    • To avoid delays, please confirm to the phone given for this purpose the expected time of arrival.
    • The day of the arrival, the customer can access to the apartment after 17.00h. In case the customer want’s to check in earlier, please, contact us and we’ll try to manage to advance it’s entry.
    • Arrivals after 21.00 have an aditional fee of 30€. The time limit for checking in is at 23.00h. In case of your entry have to be after this time, please, contact us and we’ll study your request. If possible, the customer will pay an additional fee of 50€.
    • The checking out day, the customer must leave the apartment before 11.00h. If the customer is not authorized to leave the apartment later, each additional hour costs 30€. If the customer needs to check out later, please, let us know when booking or when checking in. If possible, the customer could stay in the property till 15.00h paying 20% of a full day price. Ask for info about before 8.00h checking outs.

    The apartment will be cleaned when arraving. When the customer leaves, it must be in good state, similar to the state it was found. If not, part of the deposit could be retained in concept to clean the apartment. The amount will depend on the state of the flat.

    • The number of people shall not be greater than permitted under the conditions of the flat. Failure to comply with this obligation, we reserve the right, at its own discretion, to terminate the contract and ask you to leave the apartment. Also not be entitled to claim or compensation.
    • The number of people who may use the apartment may not exceed the number of persons allocated for each apartment, except for children under two years.
    • If traveling with pets, please let us know and that pets are allowed only if specifically granted permission by the owner.
    • The person signing the rental agreement will be responsible for the proper conduct of all persons accompanying him. In the case that the person or persons accompanying him not to behave in a responsible and correct conduct, will be required to the client and his companions to leave the apartment without any compensation. In case of breach of the above obligations, the owner will have the right to ask the client to leave the apartment, whithout any compensation. This will also mean the loss of prepaid rent and refundable security deposit. Also remember that by booking accepts these terms and conditions, and consequently, is expected to abide by these rules.
    • Riots, loud music and parties are strictly prohibited. The schedule must respect the rules of rest is 10:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m.. You understand that these rules are necessary and that the nightly rest of the residents must be respected.
    • You CAN’T access the apartment with ski boots. You can leave your ski equipment in a special storage for this.
    • No parties that violate the rest of other residents or pets.
    • Read and understand all the rules of the house. As customer, we expect from you to respect the community rules.
    • Set the thermostate to 22 degrees and switch all lights off when leaving the flat.
    • Do not forget to close water taps.
    • Do not forget to get the keys before leaving the flat. Contact us inmediatly in case of loosing the keys. The door locker will have to be changed and the cost of it will be paid by the customer.
    • Ensure to use the dishwasher with the appropiate product.
    • Please, do not smoke in the apartment. It’s possible to smoke in the balcony, terrace or exterior. Do not throw out cigarrete ends to the street or garden zones.
    • The property owner is not responsable of any kind of damañe, direct or indirect, that can be made as consequence of bad use by the customer. Included without any limitation, fires, robberies, accidents or any other type of damages made by the flat or disapeared objects.
    • At the end of his stay he will check the state of the apartment, and if necessary, deducted from the deposit the amount of damage. The customer must immediately notify alquilerenbaqueira.com any damage to the apartment or its contents.
    • Alquilerenbaqueira.com not be responsible for the disappearance of any item of value during the client’s stay.

    For any divergence arising between the parties in order to interpretation and / or compliance with the terms and conditions of this contract, the parties hereby expressly waive any other jurisdiction that could correspond to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Vielha ( Lleida).

    Protección de datos

    En cumplimiento de lo establecido en la Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal, le comunicamos que los datos que usted nos facilite quedarán incorporados y serán tratados en los ficheros titularidad de alquilerenbaqueira.com con el fin de poderle prestar nuestros servicios, así como para mantenerle informado de la actividad. alquilerenbaqueira.com se compromete a tratar de forma confidencial los datos de carácter personal facilitados y a no comunicar o ceder dicha información a terceros. Asimismo, le informamos de la posibilidad que tiene de ejercer los derechos de acceso, rectificación, cancelación y oposición mediante escrito dirigido a la siguiente dirección de correo electrónico: info@alquilerenbaqueira.com

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